About Gardenasiakids


Ever looked around for the parents of that screaming kid? Ever shaken your head disapprovingly at kids being kept quiet by an electronic tablet as the adults carry on their hearty dinner? Ever wondered if your child would be more excited about the 3D animation trailer playing on a HD screen, than that brilliant sunset right in front of them?

Well, it’s not too late. 


As much as we hope our children grow up well rounded, and as informative as the Internet can be, lessons in life aren’t complete without experiencing the outdoors. And that’s what Gardenasiakids is here to do. Here in the Kranji countryside, we have built our own playground around nature. Don’t just bring your kids out into the sun; take them right into the arms of Nature. Stroll through a garden, smell the basil, curry, and mint leaves,pick a banana off the tree, and learn the names of nature’s creatures as they spot them in the trees. 

Let’s have some real fun for a change!