About Gardenasia

be naturally inspired

Gardenasia stands for the beauty of life; as we create an effect on others, we are in turn touched by your smiles. We therefore live a naturally inspired lifestyle.


We play our part in this circle of life by offering a full arsenal of services. Gardenasia first began with a focus on the Corporations. From seminars, trainings and workshops to large-scale dinners, conferences and family days, Gardenasia has been naturally inspiring people, events and venues since 2001. With great thanks to our clients, Gardenasia has had the privilege to now engage the community as a whole – school functions, wedding celebrations, socially responsible activities, and country staycations are now part of our extensive repertoire of services.


With Gardenasia in the picture, you may snuggle up to Mother Nature anywhere on our two hectares, or have us transform your choice location anywhere else. More and more city dwellers are discovering our little secret and have tended towards an easy getaway right here in Kranji. Plus, true to the Singaporean devotion to food (and documenting it), our Bistro’s gastronomical delights set against picture-perfect scenery make quite an image to remember.


For your every need, we have professional teams each handling enamoured wedding couples, curious kids, intrepid travelers and of course, the corporate big boys. Let it be known that we take it upon ourselves to leave no stones unturned; your experience here is our very pride and joy.


Born and bred in one of the world’s busiest cosmopolitan cities, Gardenasia relishes the fact that we get to receive people from all walks of life. So cast away life’s worries for a bit, soak up some golden sunshine and revive your senses with truly fresh air for a change.


Gardenasia will find a way to your heart, wherever you are, even if for a little while.