Green Programmes

The joy of Gardenasia’s programmes is that it is a fun learning experience for kids, while at the same time being a blast-from-the-past for the adults. As such, our Green Programmes can be catered to schools as well as corporations – we believe you are never too young (or too old!) to learn from Nature.


Green & Nature-based Workshops
So here are some hassle-free, easy as 1-2-3 gardening activities you can take home and even relive the fun again on your own if you want!


  • Pot-A-Plant 
Never really known for your “green fingers”, or perhaps never had a garden of your own? All that will change after just 45 minutes of this simple and practical workshop! First, we get our hands dirty learning how to pot some hardy indoor plants. And then we’ll let you in on simple tips and tricks to maintaining healthy plant growth. Perfect for freshening up your dreary work desk, or beautifying your home!


  • Make A Terrarium

A terrarium is a container designed to house small plants in controlled conditions. The closed nature of a terrarium creates an environment that is easy to control. This allows people to simulate anything from the desert all the way to the rainforest! In this hour-long workshop, you will truly take back with you a piece of Nature, put together with your own hands.




Recycled Art Workshops 

When you really get down to it, the number of things you create or re-create with unwanted or unused materials are endless! Learn how to do your small part for the environment by reducing waste, recycling material, and reusing them for a whole new purpose! Here’s what we’ve narrowed down to retain the essence and relevance of some real hands-on fun. 

  • Recycled Fabric

Be inspired by our local artist’s unique creations in their use of recycled fabric, and create some of your own! Surprise yourself learning new, simple and clever tricks to reuse that old fabric and unwanted materials. Your imagination is the only limit in this crafty, hands-on workshop.


  • Fun with Recycled Paper

Turn heavy stacks of old magazines and unwanted cardboard boxes into fun and functional items for the house! Be surprised at the inspirational ideas that our local artists come up with, and then have a go at creating them yourself – both economic and environmentally-friendly, these handmade items could be a great topic of conversation for your house guests!



  • Fruit Enzyme Workshop

Watch how a useful enzyme forms after undergoing a fermentation process with water, brown sugar, oxygen and kitchen waste (eg. fruit scraps & vegetable peels). Unlike commercial detergent and washing agents, fruit enzymes are 100% natural. With no chemicals and additives involved, this is one product you can use everyday without worrying about harmful effects to your hands and skin.




Leisure & Nature Activities (available on-site only)
In a work environment, it’s all about appreciation. When employees are given chances to relax and truly be themselves for a bit, you’ll notice the difference back on Monday. From plant appreciation to kampong fishing, there’s nothing like a day out with family and friends to make for some quality time!

  • Carnival

There aren’t many spaces around Singapore these days where you can literally set up and run your company’s very own Carnival – but thankfully Gardenasia is one of them! Games stalls, food carts, bouncy castles, joy rides… a carnival provides everything you need for a much-needed company day out!