Events Management

People tend to feel obligated when it comes to corporate events, which kills the fun despite good intentions. Our team at Gardenasia is on a mission to help you get past the reluctance and restore the joy that can be had during office hours. After all, work-life balance isn’t about clocking in just enough office hours before coming alive only after work. When your job takes up half your life, you want it to be fun too!


Come Take in Some Fresh Air — On-site Events

From a meeting held off-site to rejuvenate weary souls, to a training session for lessons beyond the concrete jungle or a seminar by an inspirational speaker to reignite those passions, we have the facilities of various capacities sprawled across 7 hectares of land. The Gardenasia team then works with you to make this one easy, breezy, fun-filled corporate event!


Let Us Refresh Your Concrete Jungle  — Off-site Events

We understand that you may feel more comfortable on home ground. Our programs are designed precisely to be customizable so that while various preferences are met, we are also mobile. Tell us what you have in mind, let us bring the naturally-inspired lifestyle to you and be in for a pleasant surprise. 

Corporate Social Responsibility & Consultancy

As we work hard to keep our lives going, we also have the big picture in mind. We believe in aiding others and passing on the values of nature and doing good that we hold dear. With years of expertise and resources under our belt, we will be with you every step of the way as we explore together new paths in the promising realm of Social Responsibility.

Are you ready to make your mark in the world?