Venues & Facilities

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The concept of Gardenasia began from the ground up, literally ­– well, almost.

With nature’s luxury just an hour away from the city, it only made sense to share the joy of clear blue skies with the world. Over the years, and in line with our changing world, we’ve turned these spaces into the pockets of paradise we now have today. Conducting events is one way to bring people together and here we present our fine masterpieces for your selection: 




Kranji Loft

As the largest venue on our premises, the Kranji Loft can hold up to a thousand people. Neat rows of white light and black ceiling fans line the deep grey canopy. A certain air of grandiose grounded by fine pottery around. The mobile stage makes free play for your every whim and fancy. Let the party begin!


Kranji Loft’s impressive area of 1035sqm (69m x 15m) sits about 200-400* gleeful folks.



Rows of cream white fabric draping across the whole marquee of aquamarine blue are what give Bluesky its name. Fairy lights lead you into this open space with a wide pebbled stage. Ceiling fans and lights keep the ambience breezy and cool for any occasion.


Bluesky’s lovely 558sqm (36m x 15.5m) marquee holds 200-300* merrymaking guests.



Unassumingly quaint, this rectangular function room houses all the prized possessions we have collected from years of curiousity and travelling. Look around closely; even the rosewood furniture set with Mother of Pearl is a treasure on its own. A space to keep city dwellers comfortable out here in the countryside, the Museum boasts of three TV screens and is fully air-conditioned. 


The Museum’s cosy area of 161sqm (21.5m x 7.5m) sits 60-120* hearty guests.


Country Rose

Flowers, herbs and spices, porcelain cherubs and stone seats make up this quiet sanctuary. In your wander around our land, here’s where you stop and smell the roses. Rest in the cool shade under striped shadows; have a fine party with your signature cocktail and cute cupcakes. Make new memories in this cozy corner of our garden paradise. 


Country Rose’s charming sanctuary sits 50-60* guests.


The Shamrock Chapel

Be charmingly surprised when you unlatch the unassuming knee-high wooden gate. Enter and have your eyes feast on the picturesque scene before you: fruit trees, shrubbery of herb and spices, little fish in a pond and an Irish love story etched in stone. The Shamrock Chapel is a modern interpretation of the Irish chapel where the designer proposed to the love of his life back in Ireland. Their love lives on in the many couples that have chosen this sweet spot for their own promises of eternity.


The Shamrock Chapel’s refreshing 73.5sqm (10.5m x 7m) of greenery is just about right for 80-90* delightful ladies and gentlemen.



Try and keep your eyes away from your phone for a minute, or you may very well walk right past this secret English garden. Weathered statues of ladies and cherubs speak of forgotten tales you rest easy in this breezy shade. Say ‘I do’ in this quaint setting or barbeque under the stars, whatever you like.


The Patio’s enchanting enclosure holds 70 cheery comrades.



Welcome to the picture perfect spot for when the sun sets over the horizon. Capture the brilliant golden skies accented by our iconic tree; this breathtaking image is mirrored on the pond very much to the delight of our diners. Settle in on the wooden rocking chairs by the water, dig your toes in the cool green grass or just laze in the shade of a rustic hut at the edge of the lawn and forget the world.


Frangipani’s picturesque patch sits up to 60 well-wishing guests or 100 merrily on their feet*.



Modern wicker furniture lines the mahogany planks leading up to the bar. Straw blinds and orange-tinted light bulbs complete the good old kampong days. Refresh yourself with a glass of homemade lemon grass as our Chef cooks up a storm behind the scenes. As with all that we are; Bistro serves up dishes that remind you of grandma’s cooking, with that zing of contemporary fare...


Bistro’s homely space is just about right for 60 happy bellies.


Farmstay Villas  

Curious minds that wander this far out in our wonderland will be rewarded. Make your way past a green pasture; go deeper down the picturesque narrow lane lined with young bamboo shoots. Those with a discerning eye will notice an uncanny resemblance in our black-lined white houses on stilts. An ode to Singapore’s history, these four houses were modeled after the black-and-whites of the colonial times…


*Note: Venue capacities subject to seating layout, do contact us for more details.



The beauty of being away from the city is the luxury of space; nothing beats owning your own resources. Other than functional spaces, we’d like you to stop and smell the roses as well.


Indoor Nursery

Nyee Phoe is known for its select variety of fresh flowers, and quality maintenance. Although we have moved and changed our nursery four times over to now exist in Kranji, we are blessed to have regular customers following us through the decades. Our range of flora accentuate homes and commercial spaces alike; from outdoor plants like the Bird’s Nest Fern, to indoor plants like the regal phalaenopsis to hanging plants, and even aerial ones!


The Pond
As you admire beauty of nature mirrored on its earthy green surface, watch closely as a ripple meanders through this work of nature. Hundred of tilapias live in this self-sustaining aquatic eco-system. On weekends or special occasions, we gather around with friends and families to come fish, the kampong way. A bamboo rod, several live mealworms and a little bit of courage is all you need to relive the days of when policemen still wore shorts.