Our Packages

Rest assured you won’t just be standing in a huge circle giving the person in front of you a massage; neither will you be drawing out personal goals for the next 5 years on a piece of paper. With the right activities, be pleasantly surprised by the resourceful mother in the guise of your iron lady boss, or the master chef in the office joker.


It’s the little things in life that truly matter and with Gardenasia, fun is fun is fun. Teambuilding will be what it is. There’s no other way to it so give us a shot!

  • Tier 1 – The GA Party
  • Tier 2 – The GA Adventure
  • Tier 3 – The GA Race

Duration: 4hours


Tier 1 and 2 Programmes

In our Tier 1 Programme – The GA Party, the emphasis is on the recreational. People depart upon a set of customized high paced activities that drive both the adrenaline and camaraderie that is Nature-inspired.





In our Tier 2 Programme – The GA Adventure, we believe there is a precise need to go back to our human roots. To understand what makes us human, to seek and ask why, who to engage with, to whom it matters, to what is at stake and when the best approach is – we achieve this state by engaging from start to the very end with your team through a set of process-facilitated activities, and together decipher the unique genetic code that makes up your company’s profile.



We understand that every company’s most valuable assets are its employees and that every individual needs to be empowered with the shared experiences of laughter and discovery. Our programmes aim to build up both the individual and the team, developing highly functional and united workforces in the company.


Tier 3 Programme

The fundamental method employed in our Tier 3 Programme – The GA Race, is the use of Accelerated Learning Techniques (AL). AL provides the opportunity to train people more effectively and efficiently and have more fun in the process. This results in the learners’ long-term retention by honoring the different learning preferences of each learner by using experiential learning exercises that we have custom-formed by engaging the local farms and also through sets of team challenges. It is at these farms and the activities that we produce a consistently positive learning experience that allows learners to acquire information and skills more efficiently and to retrieve, recall or respond with confidence, quickness and accuracy.




Our programme also promises that the learning environment, space arrangements, meals and trainer’s attitude must:

  • Be positive and accepting
  • Provide a comfortable and vibrant surrounding
  • Make learning fun
  • Exalt rather than trivalise learners
  • Help eliminate or reduce learning barriers
  • Provide a multidimensional approach
  • Accommodate different learning styles
  • Provide for group based learning
  • Present material visually as well as verbally

No where else in Singapore will you get an opportunity like such to get up close and personal with our local working farms.


Nestled around Gardenasia, we take you on a journey to discover firsthand why these farms exist – and we don’t just place you outside their gates to gaze. We literally take you into Nature and have you interact with them. Through completing the given missions and tasks as a team, individuals are able to learn at their own pace and in ways which best suit their learning needs.

The great GA Race finds its satisfactory finale back at Gardenasia with a cook-off activity (using ingredients gained from neighbouring farms during the race, of course!) that activates all five senses, and tests different team and individual skills. It is indeed a one-of-a-kind adventure that uses Nature as its very own classroom.

*Fully customizable programmes outside of those stated above are also available, do contact us for more information!