Gardenasiakids is often known for our lovable characters, Titoy and Morchoo, who make their garden home in Gardenasia’s beautiful greenery. Within this lush pocket of Nature, we do all things green with the children and for the children. We believe in Nature being the best and biggest classroom, and we ourselves never stop exploring new ideas!

Our Pre-School programs are aimed at introducing precocious little minds to Nature; through various customizable workshops and activities, Pre-Nursery to Kindergarten children are encouraged to learn from Nature in simple yet fun ways.
We go beyond the classroom with our Primary School syllabus-based programs, turning selected educational syllabus topics into reality within our garden realm and even extending the adventures into our neighbouring farms within the Kranji countryside. Our little explorers may find themselves wandering through vegetable, quail or even frog farms in their quests! 
In our Secondary School programs, we not only introduce Nature, but leave them with important, challenging messages about Nature and the environment. Our Green programs raise awareness on global warming, environmental pollution and its effects, and challenge the youth to see their parts in loving and conserving the environment.
Please find our programmes below.