Social Responsibility Programmes

Corporate social responsibility is often seen as an obligation. Skeptical as you may be, we are here to change that. Instead of offering activities that you can take on to fulfill those hours, Gardenasia brings this a few steps further. You will be doing much more than making old folks happy for that one day you came by to clean up their house and replenish their basic necessities.

Our team believes that people are capable of so much more and want to do more – if only they knew how. Gardenasia has set up a whole network to weave your efforts deeper into the fabric of society. For once, your little actions will go along way, in fact, they may even go one full circle back to you!

As we work hard to keep our lives going, we also have the big picture in mind. We believe in aiding others and passing on the values of nature and doing good that we hold dear. With years of expertise and resources under our belt, we will be with you every step of the way as we explore together new paths in the promising realm of Social Responsibility.

Are you ready to walk with us in exploring new ways to reach and help the community, and to work together to do good? Here are some of the meaningful, exciting projects that we have had the pleasure of being a part of:


Changi City Point – ComArt (Community Art)
At first glance, this grand masterpiece could be mistaken for a regular mall decoration. However, this 12m long artwork is in fact made up of recycled Ice Mountain bottles that were collected over 6 marathons. Here's more: these plastic swirls were painstakingly cut and treated by students from 7 local schools, the staff of the shopping mall in which it is showcased (Frasers Centrepoint Ltd and Ascendas Ltd), as well as the good people from Christian Outreach to the Handicapped. Short for Community Art, the ComArt Chandelier possesses a true beauty that runs deep; it stems from the hearts of its many artists and we hope to touch yours! Both a community effort as well as an environmentally friendly one, the ComArt project was filled with joy and meaning.



Ascendas GIVES Foundation Week
Ascendas GIVES Foundation (AGF) is a non-profit charity foundation set up by Ascendas Pte Ltd and its entities, which believes in and advocates the spirit of caring and sharing with the community – giving them the space to grow and excel through programmes that reach out to the Arts, Community and the Environment. 

Ascendas GIVES Foundation Week was organised for the first time in July 2013 to share with their colleagues the foundation’s vision and Gardenasia was pleased to partner Ascendas to conduct several Arts & Green workshops which were in line with their visions and beliefs.



The Living! Project – ComCrop (Community Crop) @ Petir
ComCrop @ Petir Road is one of the projects executed by The Living! Project in 2011, which was developed to provide a platform for residents to come together for a sustainable and fruitful activity through urban farming. This project was organised in collaboration with NorthWest CDC and Starbucks Singapore.


On a weekly basis, Starbucks partners and the residents come together for an interactive session of either making compost or learning germination, where all participants will come together for a fun nature day out. Turning Starbucks coffee grounds into compost for farming is one of our meaningful green practices. During the makeover of the urban farm, our events also create strong bonding between old and young and help to strengthen family cohesion.



The Living! Project – ‘In Celebration’
@ i Light Marina Bay, Singapore

A splendid jewel quietly gleamed in the middle of Marina Bay. Standing tall in full glory, this stainless steel sculpture measured an impressive 5.8m in height and 2.2m across. Sculpted by Mr Sun Yu-Li, ‘In Celebration’ was among 26 light artworks at Asia’s first sustainable light art festival, i Light Marina Bay.


The unique feature of ‘In Celebration’ was the fact that it was to be completed on the spot, with 1000 YEO’s used plastic bottles and 3000 Starbucks used plastic cups, and finally lit by Philip color kinetic low power LED lighting.


Together with People’s Association Singapore, 100 trainers and 300 volunteers spent time and effort creating plastic art pieces to fit in the sculpture. This activity caught the attention of 10,000 visitors; ‘In Celebration’ was awarded the Most Popular Artwork. Attesting to its appeal, this first portfolio of The Living! Project was also published along Fullerton Link Bridge and featured in the news on Channel 8 Singapore and CTV Taipei.



@ Fête des Lumières (Festival of Lights), Lyon, France

In 2011, ‘In Celebration’ went global as it was invited to represent Singapore for the first time at Lyon’s prestigious Fête des Lumières (Lyon Festival of Lights) in France, where the sculpture was showcased with pride alongside many other international light artworks. ‘In Celebration’ was so well received that The Living! Project was invited back the following year to showcase a brand new artwork at the festival.