Kim & Soo Lin

5 December 2004 

Gardenasia’s first wedding couple!

“At Gardenasia, we had a most intimate and romantic ROM ceremony and wedding. It is a great place where our beautiful memories were painted, and we returned to hold our son’s 1st birthday party at Gardenasia too! Simply can’t get enough of the beautiful nature, vibrant greens, flowers and fresh air!”




Zhenhua & Hui Yi

5 June 2010

“Thank you for accommodating our requests… the atmosphere at the solemnization area was delightful and light-hearted. The decorations that your team did up helped to enhance the atmosphere greatly. We had lots of fun and happy memories of that day. May your company grow from strength to strength as you help to create many other happy memories for other couples.”




Yee Whye & Shin Shin

18 June 2011

“Our warmest thanks for making our day so special! We had a wonderful time, and so did our guests. Many compliments were given to the venue, vibes and food from friends and family! Your troubles arranging this is much appreciated and we think it paid off handsomely! Thanks again, we had a whale of a time…”


  Allan & Gloria

11 March 2012

“A big thank you… for all the hard work to make our ROM an unforgettable one. We’ll never never forget the moment when all the little details went into place and moved our guests and myself to tears. Once again, thanking you from deep within.”




    Jerry & Shuqi

27 April 2012

“Every woman has a dream… and so did my wife Shuqi. She loves flowers and open air landscapes. Gardenasia was our one stop place for fulfilling that in our wedding. Esta & Kyla (from Gardenasia Weddings) are awesome planners, [adjusting] to client’s needs and desires. Although finances were not an issue, [they] advised on how to lower costs while still having upmarket activities and items included in our wedding event. This is the first time I have seen wedding planners advising against spending more money!


They go beyond just being your wedding planners, making sure that you’re emotionally settled and looking your very best. Trust me when I say this, just take care of your getting dressed, and this team will take care of the rest for you – awesome management and supervision. I strongly recommend this team to be engaged as anyone’s wedding planner.”



Yussof & Laarvanya

28 June 2012

“We were happy that things went smoothly yesterday. Your staff support was excellent. The venue had good reviews from our guests. Of course, there were some frantic moments but it was out of our control. The bungalow was beautiful too. We’d like to thank you for being excellent liaisons. You were so patient with us!”



Sean & Gwen

10 November 2012

“Gwen and I never wanted a standard hotel wedding. We always dreamt about either having it at the beach or a nice garden. Gardenasia exceeded our expectations… a wedding is always special and different especially when it’s done outdoors. The team from Gardenasia attended to all our requests (eg. Themed flower vases, wedding cupcakes… and the list goes on). We are very grateful for the excellent work done by them. More importantly, we really love this place so much. Just imagine getting married in a Garden; blue sky, greenery all around you, cool breeze, different architecture around the area, a nice pond at the side… Perfect!!!”



Dave & Fon

18 November 2012

“My wife wanted a sea or nature location, and so I came across Gardenasia from a web search. A place of serenity and greenery. Our solemnization went smoothly on that evening, love the food and dessert served.”



John & Jasmine

12 December 2012

“Thank you Gardenasia for providing us the venue for such a great and fun-loving wedding out of the norm. [Although] it rained and we couldn’t use the garden… still we had great fun having it indoors. And you guys managed to do a rainbow colour flower setting… It looked outstanding with the setting. Thank you for the arrangement made for our special day at your premise. Continue the great job!”