Wedding Venues


Download our Venue Floor Plans here.




Rows of cream white fabric draping across the whole marquee of aquamarine blue are what give Bluesky its name. The chirpy sky-like ceiling is what makes this a popular hit with visitors. Enter on a red carpet lined with fairy lights, cut the cake and let the champagne overflow as all you love and hold dear toast their hearts out to this first chapter of your happily ever after.



The Shamrock Chapel

Step gingerly across the stone bridge or stroll the pebbled pavement to the iconic stone structure that gives The Shamrock Chapel its name. First featured during the Singapore Garden Festival in 2008, here is a picturesque cozy corner perfect for couples wanting that little bit of human touch amidst nature’s elegance.




We balance the sunny, grassy outdoors of The Shamrock Chapel with the cool, classy indoors of Museum. A regular space with parquet flooring and shelves filled with our big boss’s personal collection of antiques, glass panels make up most of the Museum’s perimeters so you can admire the beautiful garden outside from the inside. If it catches your fancy, bring in a DJ, throw in that dance floor and make yourself a night to remember!



Country Rose

For the quirky couple who doesn’t believe in having “rules” for a wedding but still want to get out of the house, this is the place for you. Picture frames of sepia and colored photographs fill the walls; quaint furniture with precious China line the lengths of this living room space. Country Rose is a fully air-conditioned dining hall complete with bathrooms for convenience, and mirrors for the countless self-portraits your guests will be taking with you throughout this special night.




On the edge of the short and sweet lawn by the pond, Frangipani is a rustic hut perfect for an intimate garden party. With 60 of your nearest and dearest close by, sun setting over the horizon, and colors in your hair, make the promise of your life in a picture-perfect setting. 




Graced by the glorious sunset that never fails to amaze, the reception takes place at Bistro right next to the pond. With wicker tables and chairs laid out on burgundy wood flooring underneath romantic glows, this sheltered venue can hold a party of 70 late into the beauty of the night.



Farmstay Villas

Designed after the black-and-white colonial houses of the good old days, the four Farmstay Villas are the hidden gems of our land. Here is picturesque sanctuary of the countryside. Its rustic charm mesmerizes one and all, amidst tall palm trees swaying in the cool gentle breeze.