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24/12/2019 Tuesday

Ties That Bind In The Family Business 

Building a castle is difficult; defending and maintaining it is harder still, so goes an Asian proverb. How do Singapore’s leading entrepreneurial families keep it going while getting ahead of the curve — by diversifying, digitalising or devising a solid succession strategy?

STORY BY Marie Wee & Hillary Kang . A-Mag

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14/12/2019 Saturday

特色酒店与度假村 年底入住率逾九成

文:  薛淑慧

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19/10/2019 Saturday

7 unexpected things to do in Singapore

There’s more to Singapore than you think. Try one of these off-the-beaten-track activities, from farmstays to smash rooms


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10/10/2019 Thursday

❛ 创业难,守业更难。❜ – Andy ENG


来自 / 联合早报文 . 吕爱丽摄影 / ​​​​​​​何家俊

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08/08/2019 Thursday

This Gathering Of Iconic Singapore Mascots Just Raised $21,000 For Charity

The Must Share news Team

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17/07/2019 Wednesday

Lunch With Sumiko: Keeping a 108-year-old family business alive

Sumiko Tan , Executive Editor . The Straits Time

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13/05/2019 Monday

14 Hor Fun Dishes So Hor Jiak You Will Not Hor-der Anything Else

Calida Soh .

“I was glad I got it. The portion justified itself, with a huge slab of steak layered on top of the hor fun. While the flavours were atypical of a usual hor fun dish, it actually worked really well together. Sweet, salty and peppery all at once plus the tender and juicy meat, this was worth the S$20.”

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27/04/2019 Saturday

本地农产品 闹市快闪出售

文/陈爱薇. 摄影/陈渊庄. 来自/联合早报

在Mosscape快闪店推出的The Local Farm品牌,售卖本地农产品。它结合园艺、餐饮和工作坊三大元素,感觉像是闹市里的绿野仙踪.”

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